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Need more exposure for your business but don't know where to get started?    
We'll build your social media AND plug you into our 23,000 followers." 
We do all the work… and let you focus on your business!

Banner Ad
Banner Ad on Connections Groups web site
On Connections Groups website:  
Value: $60
Email Newsletter
connections groups email newsletter
Your business featured in Connections newsletter.
Circ 23,000 - Value $60
Article Marketing
A feature article written about your business.
Value $100+  
Daily Tweet
Daily Tweet on Twitter
Daily Tweet from CGroups Twitter Account*
Value: $30
Facebook Post
2 Posts /week on both our Facebook pages*
Value: $30
Your Choice
Check Mark
Website or:
Social Media
Value: $250+
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Every day people visit our site to check out events, read blogs or post free ads.

dot23,000 get newsletter
dot2000+ have profiles on the web site

Your banner ad will be featured...

dotRight side of the website

dotViewable on the EVENTS page

dotViewable on the Advertising pages

dotViewable on everybody's profile page

dotFrankly... viewable on almost every page of the web site!

We can link your ad to your website or, if you don't have one, to your Facebook Fan page or even your Twitter account or email.
You will be featured in our email newsletter.

For best results, your expsoure will be varied, (running the exact same thing all the time is less effective).  For example:

dotYour ad.

dotA "news" item

dotHighlights from your blog/article

dotAn event, you'll get "featured status" for that (value $80).

Whatever we feature for your in our email newsletter, it will be linked appropriately.  For instance, if it is your ad, it will be linked to your web site, or special promotional page.

If it is "highlights" from your Blog, we will link it to the rest of the article.
One of the most valuable forms of "advertising" is not even advertising.
It's "article marketing."

We will write a full length "feature article" about your company at least once a quarter.  

Here are some examples of articles we have written:

dotNetworking Tips
dotClubs; New Office
dotTee Up for Success
dotFiltering Success

Your article might be a general "story" about what your company does, about a product you carry, an event you are involved in or a charity you are helping.

We will publish these whereever appropriate (such as Yahoo) and, most certainly, on the Connections Groups website and our Facebook pages!
There is a "strategy" you can use to seek out the best twitter followers, those that are LOCAL and those that are, most closely, the right "demographic."

We have...

dot1400+  Followers.
dotMostly LOCAL

Twitter drives traffic to our web site and vice versa.

We will "tweet" about your business EVERY DAY on our, already established, Twitter account

dotDrive traffic
dotPromote specials
dotAnnounce events
dotRecommend informational links

If you don't have a Twitter account, we can create one for you (see "Choice 2" to the right) ... and we will "tweet" several times a week on your account too!

Twitter is a great way to create awareness about your company or brand!
We use Facebook as an additional promotional vehicle for events, as well as creating awareness for our clients!

We have TWO Facebook pages...


dotSue's personal

dot1050+ "friends"

You will get...

dot2 posts per week about your business (or events) 

dotOn BOTH of our Facebook pages!

If you don't have a Facebook fan page yet, we could create one for you and, if you like, we'll post on your page too.

You pick which is best - other can be added "a la carte" if you wish.

Choice 1

dotSplash page 
dotWithin* the Connections Groups site

* Why is this good?

Because our strong search engine placement will give you an extra edge in shooting you UP in search engine rankings!

Use it for special promotions or just to drive traffic to your existing site.


Choice 2:

dotLinkedIn -or-

We will also implement a strategy to gather you "connections" for those pages.

Maintaining your web site - landing page, or social media pages, is not included in your service, but can be added!
Anyone can build your social media, but they all have to build your "followers" from the ground up.
We can do what others can't - we can get you INSTANT exposure to the 23,000 members we spent 13 years building.  Do you have a national market?  We have a newsletter that goes to 30,000+ nationally.
Two packages plus customization
Subscription: $249 per month

or $299 per month - see your quote.

To move forward - use the PayPal button to the right to choose your package.  You don't have to have a PayPal account and can use any major credit card.  You'll automatically be billed monthly.  You can cancel, or adjust your subscription, anytime after the 3rd month.
Social Media Package
Minimum sign up: 3 months
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