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If you are a speaker, model, or entertainer and would like a
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Before filling out your listing... make sure you have your headshot ready to submit.

This listing is quite comprehensive and allows you to list titles of books you've written, affiliation / organizations you belong to, groups/companies you've spoken at/for, even quotes you've received about your work.  Keep in mind as you are writing your profile that this is SALES... you will get better results if you make it clear the BENEFITS to using/hiring you.  How are you different?  Keep "Benefits & Features" in mind... write to the point of view of your potential client.  Ask yourself "If I was hiring someone for this... what am I looking for?  What would motivate me to take an interest in THIS person/company?"

If you have a company, you can list it's name, if you are a performer/musician, and part of a band, you can list the bands name. 

For "TYPE" you can choose more than one category... Even if you do your own "set" topics, if you are good with memorizing a script, and available to do sales presentations ("hired gun") then "Sales Presenters" is a good additional category and might get you extra work.  As a "Sales Presenter" any experience you've had in sales is relevant also.  Make sure to note if there is a fee difference for this, or if you are open to doing presentations on a commission basis.  The category "FREE Speakers" could also increase your work, and help build your resume.  If you would like to be listed as a "Free Speaker" that will be included on your profile along with the following disclaimer:  "This speaker is occasionally available to speak free.  Terms, topics spoken on, and conditions under which they will offer a "free talk," will be limited.  Please contact them for details."

If you have a AUDIO sample, MP3 or QuickTime or RealPlayer file loaded on your own web site, you are welcome to provide the URL to the file. Depending on the set up the user has... and if you provide the link properly... the file will download and/or play automatically.

For GRAPHICS... You MUST provide a headshot.  And.. bonus... we have a spot for TWO... that can be two headshots or a headshot and book cover or headshot and company logo.  HEADSHOTS are important in this business (all professional speakers have them).   Headshots should be a maximum of 120-150 pixels wide, and for fastest "profile posting" should already be on your web site.  If they are not... you will want to eMail the graphics files (tif, gif, jpeg or pdf) separately to: sc@connectionsgroups.com  eMailed graphic may cause a slight delay in profile posting.  Profiles submitted without headshots will be filed... and as soon as we received your photo... they will be posted.

Contact info.  You have the choice of having your info only, yours AND your agent or representative, or JUST your agent-representative.  If you want your reps only, we will not list any of your contact info or web site.

NOTE: Please make sure you punctuate and spell correctly.  Errors can cause delays, or prevent, your listing from being published. Also, if we post and miss correcting the spelling errors, it will hurt your credibility.

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FREE SPEAKER: If you would like to be listed as a "Free Speaker" that will be included on your profile along with the following disclaimer:  "This speaker is occasionally available to speak free.  Terms, topics spoken on, and conditions under which they will offer a "free talk," will be limited.  Please contact them for details."

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Please note that when you hit the "submit" button it may take SEVERAL seconds, maybe as much as a minute, for the info to process and post.  Please wait... you will get a confirmation when it goes though.  Don't hit "submit" a 2nd time as multiple submissions are confusing.  You should PRINT OUT your confirmation so you remember what you have posted here.  That way, if you want to edit in the future you will have that as a reminder.

COST:   2 Months FREE

1) You can choose to simply submit the profile form above and have your first 2 months be free. Your profile will be posted in the order it was received.  We are currently taking 30-60 days to post profiles... due to the tremendous response.  You don't have to use the Pay Pal buttons below... we will send you an invoice at the end of your trial period.

2) Get your profile up faster!  If you would like to "jump to the head of the line" you can go ahead and choose to subscribe right now (use Pay Pal buttons below) and your profile will be posted within 4 days.  You will still receive 2 free months whether you choose the monthly, or yearly, option.

Subscription: $19.95 month or $180 per year ($15/mo).  Signing up for a full year "locks in" that low rate... and yearly registrations are also guaranteed to have no rate increase for the next year as well (we reward loyalty!).

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Ways to INCREASE your results from LocalSpeaker.com:

1) "Call for Speakers"  ...Check back to this site on a regular basis to look at the "Call for Speakers" ...a listing of events and organizations that need speakers and that put out their own "call" based on their parameters.  While these are likely lower paying jobs, they will be good exposure for you and help you build your resume if you are newer at this.  If these groups are local... they may be interested in using your for a future event as well... so you might want to contact them and let them know you are available.

2) "Speaker Review"  ...Download the "Speaker Review" form (coming soon) and use it when you speak.  It will give you instant feed back, and the bottom of the form is designed to be torn off by the attendee, as a reminder for them to visit this site and give their REVIEW to be published! The more "kudos" you get... the more money you will begin to command.

3) "PRESS RELEASES" ...You will receive copies of Press Releases by eMail.  You have authorization to forward these to people you know... thus increases YOUR exposure... and traffic to the site.

DISCLAIMER: Local Speaker is not an agent, nor a speaker's bureau. We are a simple listing system & resource. Our speakers may have their own agents or managers.  If so, their contact information is included here if it was provided.  Local Speaker, and those listed here, make no warranties as to the accuracy of any  information provided, errors, outdated info and typos are possible.  It's always good business to personally re-verify all information before contracting with, and confirming, your chosen speaker.

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