Tax Strategies
...for the Self Employed
& Independent Contractor
(sponsored by Bradford & Company)

According to the IRS, 83% of American's OVERpay our taxes!

Most of this is simply due to a lack of knowledge on the part of the taxpayer.  Many of us assume our accountant takes care of our taxes... but forget that WE are the ones giving them them numbers and records they are using to prepare our tax return.  If WE don't know the "in's & out's" of our own deductions... we don't pass along the right information and it costs us THOUSANDS in tax payments we really did not owe!

This seminar is guaranteed to identify between $2,500 and $27,500 in NEW deductions... that can be used right away to pocket thousands in tax savings.  These deductions are based in tax LAW, but presented in simple English that all of us can easily understand.

This seminar does 3 things:

1) Identifies for you THOUSANDS in new, legal, and easy to use tax deductions, backed up by tax code and court case precedent.

2) Shows you simple recordkeeping and documentation you keep to "bullet-proof" each deduction AND save you time while doing it!

3) LOWERS what folks call "red flags"... when you know what you are doing, that it's legal and ethical... you never need to fear the IRS ever again!

This seminar is sponsored by:
Bradford and Company... founded by W.Murray Bradford, author of the JK Lasser, "Business Tax Deduction Master Guide" and attendees will be offered the opportunity to enroll in the Bradford Home Study course - "Tax Strategies for the Self Employed," at a special group rate, at the end of the talk (2 minutes at end devoted to describing the program that this information is derived from).

Topic Length: 30 minutes
with 10 minutes for Q&A.

Cost: Free for Central Florida groups of 15 or more - schedule permitting.

Quotes: "I easily put $2000 back in my pocket... this was an outstanding program." ...James McCray, Century 21, Orlando, Florida

"This is the most fruitful (and fun) advice and materials that I have found. Worth dollars for very penny invested."  ...Kim Radcliffe, Attorney
Winter Park, FL

"Concise, well directed and helpful.  Sue knows what she is doing and was able to answer agents tax questions. On quality... a 10 out of 10."   ...Ester Horton, Century 21 Almar & Associates

"Very professional.  Sue's delivery of complicated tax information was on a level everyone could understand.  She was very good."   ...Mike Rushforth, Coldwell Banker RE

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