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Keynote Speaker
Corporate Trainer
Sales Presenter
Business Writer

SPEAKING: 8+ years
150-200 Talks per year


Central Florida
Orlando & Tampa Bay:

$300 - 3 hours
$500 - full day
3 day rate: $1,200.

"Tax Strategies"
- FREE -
to qualified
groups in C.FL

"Mortgage/Equity Acceleration:  and Debt Reduction"
- FREE -
to qualified
groups in Florida

Out of Area
Out of State:

$600-$800 day +
actual expenses



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With 25 years in sales, marketing and business, plus 8 years as a public speaker, Sue has the poise, confidence and "stage presence" that comes with giving 2 to 5 seminars, presentations, or "talks," a week.  That's every week... 52 weeks a year... for eight years.

You'd think that after speaking to more than a thousand groups... ranging in size from 6 to more than 106, Sue might be getting a bit bored with the "speaking thing," but... "Not so!" she says.

"The thing I love about getting up in front of an audience is that it is always different, every time.  Even if the information I'm presenting is the same, people are so unique, and the questions they throw at you, so diverse, that it keeps me on my toes." says Sue.  "I learn something new, or a better, funnier way to present a topic, every day."

And Sue really sees humor as the "key" to holding an audience. 

"I've been speaking about taxes for more than eight years.  I had to learn how to be funny in "self defense."  After all... everyone expects the subject to be boring and it's important to "hook 'em" with a joke right up front.  Once they laugh, and you open their eyes so they see how the information is going to benefit them... they are on the edge of their seats."

Sue's career began in radio, selling advertising, writing commercials and co-producing a radio show which later become the Home Shopping Network after the station was purchased by Bud Paxson (Paxson Communications and PAXtv). 

"I was on the radio, on Saturday mornings, doing the show in my bathing suit because I was hitting the beach after." says Sue.  "We did the show as a team then... so it was sort of like improv comedy.... and I have to apologize to Ron Popeil about all the jokes... but we DID sell a lot of his "Pocket Fisherman," so I think he'd forgive us.

After several years in the fast paced world of Ronco "Slicer-Dicers,"  Popeil "Pocket Fishermen," and "really, really, real looking" cubic zirconias, Sue left the radio biz for the more sedate environment of the restaurant & nightclub industry.

As the PR & Promotions Manager for "Penrod's" Restaurant & Nightclub  (a 5 restaurant chain), Sue was instrumental in insuring that the local business clientele had a place to schmooze while consuming vast quantities of fried cheese washed down by martini's with olives that were always the correct size.

While still in the Clearwater area, Sue also consulted on, and helped design, the marketing plan for a friends new restaurant, but turned down an offer to get more directly involved since she was sure it would be short lived ...due to it's "cursed location."  The depressing success of "Hooter's" had nothing to do with Sue's move to the Orlando area... she insists it was pure coincidence.

After intensive therapy for nightmares involving missed boats and bandwagons that were too full to get on, Sue vowed to stop slamming the door in the face of opportunity.

In 1996, while juggling clients as a marketing consultant and, after taking a time management seminar, Sue realized she was spending too much time during business hours organizing her social life, so she started doing a little fax newsletter for her friends... letting them know when "the gang" was getting together for happy hour, when the next Chamber function, or cool wine dinner was, etc.  Well ...the rest is history!

Originally known as "Sue's THE NET News Network," then "Orlando's THE NET News Network," and "" the group finally evolved into the "," the LARGEST Business Networking & Social Organization in Central Florida with a web site and eMail newsletter reaching more than 12,500 professionals in Orlando, Tampa Bay and Central Florida. 

In 1998, through Connections Groups, Sue met Murray Bradford, of Bradford and Company... the top tax education company in the U.S., specializing in tax education and seminars for small business people and independent contractors.  Murray offered a deal that couldn't be refused.

As a speaker for Bradford & Company, Sue has honed her speaking skills to such a degree that seemingly sane people consistently say that her "Tax Strategies Seminar" is the most entertaining and funny "talk" they've ever heard!  Who would think that taxes could be fun?!

"Of course it doesn't hurt that my real background is sales and marketing," says Sue.  "I can throw a great tax deduction together with a marketing concept and now my audience is saving money AND keeping more of it... all with one strategy!"

Another subject Sue offers, in the world of FINANCE, is an educational program on Mortgage and Equity Acceleration - a hot new topic.  These talks are on behalf of United First Financial™, the innovators of the Money Merge Account™... a program that allows a homeowner to pay off their mortgage (and all debts) in 1/2 to 1/3 the time... with no change in their standard of living (see more below).

Sue's MARKETING themed talks; "Out of the Box" and "Marketing 101," present simple, unique, marketing strategies that newbies, and veterans alike, call a "catalyst for new, innovative marketing plans."

This combination of marketing, finance and tax knowledge allows Sue to present these topics in a way that is engrossing, simple, helps people build their business AND sales, all while keeping more money through tax savings and/or debt reduction.

If you are looking for a TOPIC for your group... any of Sue's topics geared toward Marketing, Taxes, or Debt Reduction, or any combination ... is guaranteed to have your people leaving energized and motivated to succeed!

If you have a SCRIPT, or a topic you need presented... whether at a trade show, or to a classroom or audience, Sue can deliver your material in a way that achieves the RESULT you are looking for.... whether that result is SALES, or simply getting your message across.


Most Popular Topics:

Mortgage & Equity Acceleration & Debt Reduction: Mortgage and debt reduction are the hot new topic in the Real Estate world right now. Learn about a new software program (developed by United First Financial™) that allows a homeowner to pay off a mortgage (and all debts) in 1/2 to 1/3 the time. This concept has been a proven success in Australia and Europe for almost 10 years, but the software is a NEW product being sold and marketed through Lending Institutions, Realtors and Mortgage Companies, and it maximizes performance on this concept by more than 20%. Learn how this concept can help your clients... AND... help you build more business. As a prospecting tool... this cannot be beat. Your clients will be asking about this... make sure you have the answers. Free for qualified groups (click for more info)

"Marketing 101" - Simple low, and no-cost strategies to build a successful small business.

"It's Lonely Outside the Box... Please Join Me!" - Unique marketing ideas that work for all businesses.

"Tax Strategies for the Self-Employed & Independent Contractor"
...83% of American's overpay taxes... STOP that!  Sponsored by Bradford and Company, this talk is guaranteed to identify at least $2,500 in new deductions and is free for qualified groups -
Click for Info

CUSTOM Topics.... as a Trainer or Sales Presenter, Sue will use your script and materials.  Fee may be negotiable for sales situations and qualified trade shows.

LAST MINUTE Fill-In... If you need a last minute fill in... Sue can memorize a script in an hour or two... depending on length.



"Sue was great!  Controlled the meeting... feedback was excellent!  She was animated and funny!"
... Teri Palooso, Watson Realty

"Very good!"  Sue spoke about exactly what I asked her to and made the information relevant to the specific audience she was addressing." 
...Deborah Drye, ERA Buxton Dynamic RE

"10 out of 10. Even though she was interrupted by questions she stayed on topic and still addressed the questions.  Agents really enjoyed the information." ...Susan Banden, ERA Advantage RE

"Great Job and information was really good."
... Donald Ogg, Waddell & Reed, Financial Advisors

"Concise, well directed and helpful.  Sue knows what she is doing and was able to answer agents tax questions. On quality... a 10 out of 10."
...Ester Horton, Century 21 Almar & Associates

"Very professional.  Sue's delivery of complicated tax information was on a level everyone could understand.  She was very good."
...Mike Rushforth, Coldwell Banker RE

"10 out of 10. Sue was able to keep audience attention and was very enjoyable.  After the meeting, agents complimented the manager on how good the meeting was."
...Kara Puryer, ERA Professional Services.


The Connections Groups


FREE Speaker:
"This speaker is occasionally available to speak free.  Terms, topics spoken on, and conditions under which they will offer a "free talk," will be limited.  Please contact them for details."


Founder, The Connections Groups:

Speaker / Trainer for: Bradford & Company
Tax Strategies for the Self Employed

Orlando Metropolitan Urban League
Mary McCloud Bethune Bronze Statue Project
U.S. Marine Corps Reserves - Toys for Tots
Hear My Hands
Cystic Fibrosis

Past member of:
Winter Park Chamber of Commerce
Florida Association of Real Estate

Topic Categories:

Sue is available as a Corporate Trainer and can work from your materials or script.  Contact her for details.

From her own material, her topics would best be categorized as pertaining to...  Sales & Marketing, Business Management, Financial & Taxes, Humor, Success, Women's Issues.

Small Sampling of
Groups Spoken For:

Florida Association of Realtors
West Volusia Assoc of RE
Venice Area Assoc of Real Estate
Winter Park Chamber of Commerce
Women's Council of Realtors
BPW - Business & Professional Women
NAIFA - National Assoc of Insur & Financial Advisors
American Express Financial Advisors
The MONY Group
Over 50% of the real estate offices in Central Florida
The Connections Groups



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