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Keynote Speaker
Industry Expert
Corporate Trainer
Sales Presenter

10 Years with average
24-48 seminars per year


Central Florida
Orlando & Tampa Bay:

$$400 half day
$700 full day

Out of Area
Out of State:

Same fees +
actual expenses
& $100/day per diem

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In 1995, Scott Dennison was required to take some tests as a part of a job interview. Although he had departed high school some 16 years earlier with only a GED, and had no formal university training, he was told that his scores revealed MBA levels of education. At that point, he made a discovery about how knowledge is acquired. He realized instantly what Fred Smith, founder of shipping giant Federal Express meant when he said, "I have the right to not have a university degree, but I don't have the right to be uneducated."

For more than 10 years, Scott sought knowledge and educated himself by reading hundreds of books, listening to audio programs, attending seminars and studying successful people and thriving business models.

At one point, Scott was a successful real estate investor and a few months later, was broke and living in a tent. He rebounded quickly to become a well known sales trainer, professional speaker, and seminar promoter working with the biggest names in motivational speaking in the world. For almost 10 years, he traveled nonstop to share his passion for ongoing self-improvement with anyone who was seeking a better life.

Currently, Scott Dennison is the Founder and CEO of Inspired Life Development; a licensing and distribution firm focused on digital delivery of self-improvement materials.

Scott is fascinated with the process of personal development and has noticed that all humans can, and some actually do, develop themselves beyond the circumstances that they started with.

Now is your chance to hear Scott share his unique message of hope, inspiration and persistence with your teams. In almost every meeting he will comfort the afflicted and even sometimes afflict the comfortable.


Most Popular Topic Titles:

"Make an Appointment"

"Four Steps to your Best Year Ever"

Kudos / Quotes:

"Wonderful inspiration, wish my whole team were here to listen"

"We needed a good kick in the pants and, 'Wow,' we got it!"




NSA - National Speakers Association


Book Titles:

"Make an Appointment"
...release in early 2006

FREE Speaker:
"This speaker is occasionally available to speak free.  Terms, topics spoken on, and conditions under which they will offer a "free talk," will be limited.  Please contact them for details."

Topic Categories:

Scott is available as a Trainer OR as a Sales Presenter to teach your material.  

As pertains to his topis... they can best be described as pertaining to... Business, Lifestyle, Motivation, Performance & Success.

Groups Spoken For:

Chambers of Commerce (many)
Principal Financial
Morgan Stanley



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