Sandy Pheil
Alchemy Partners, Inc.

Keynote Speaker
Industry Expert
Corporate Trainer

8 Years with average
4-12 seminars per year


Central Florida
Orlando, Tampa Bay:

$75 - 1/2 Hour
- Full day

Out of area:
$150/hr. - $500/day
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While spending several years living a false dream in corporate America, Sandy made her way up the ladder in marketing and promotions for some of the largest companies in the world. During that period, her limited spare time was spent on fitness and nutrition. She ran several marathons, double digits of road races and coached many friends and coworkers in personal training and weight management. Then, about to head for New York City on 9/11/01, and as with many, life changed for Sandy. In the next six months following, Sandy left the Pepsi-Cola Company as a senior marketing manager, moved back to Florida and started training to be a Life Coach. “I realized what my true skills and passions were, and we only have (snap!) today to live a true dream of comfort.”

Throughout Sandy’s life, she has conquered some huge obstacles. She overcame her battle with anxiety disorders by creating a life motto she calls “Push Through”. On the physical side beyond completing several marathons, she “Pushed Through” the Manchu Picchu Mountains of Peru. Sandy believes passionately that a positive mind over negative matter is the key to self- love and true happiness!

Sandy has spent the last 15 years mastering the Marketing and Promotions industry by working for some of the most successful innovative brand companies in the world, such as Coke, Pepsi, Daimler Chrysler and OmniCom. Her extensive business experience consists of the analysis and understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviors, such as what motivates an individual to buy – the when and the why. She holds thirteen years of staff supervision and client strategy development, as well as experience in writing extensive marketing plans and leading teams on successful executions against key corporate initiatives.

Sandy has been a member of several organizations that support woman and diversity in the workplace (FAFE, WFF). Her passions are outdoor fitness challenges, wine and her little doggy, Jordan. She takes great pride in teaching golf and dance to underprivileged kids and mentoring college students at several universities.

Sandy has a B.A. from the School of Journalism (Ad/PR), University of Central Florida. She is a Certified Fitness Nutritionist, an active member of the Human Rights Campaign, a member of USA Track and Field, President of the Orlando Coachville Chapter, a Professional Life and Marketing Coach, and Certified Fitness Nutritionist. Sandy is the founder of Alchemy Partners, Inc., "A Transforming the Ordinary" Company.  She is a senior graduate of the International Coach Academy and a published author of Brand Me and Aging Gracefully . Additionally, Sandy is a member of NAF, HRC, AMA, and active Junior achievement volunteer.


Most Popular Topic Titles:

"You are what you don't do"

"The Me Brand"

"You are what you eat, seriously"

Kudos / Quotes:

“By working with Sandy my staff has become more focused and taking more pride in their work. Their respect for each other and dedication makes Sandy an absolute invaluable resource for any team in search of unity, focus and productivity.”
... John Jr. Eckstein, CEO, Don’t Think Twice Media, Inc.

“I have learned more about myself in 3 weeks than I have in 10 years by working with Sandy for just an hour each week.”
... Diane Reitz, VP Bank One, Miami FL

“I recognized the need to focus on my passion and Sandy helped me figure out how to get there. With her help, I came up a plan and she held me accountable to execute it. I would still be floating along without Sandy.”
... Jeanne Chapman, Orlando FL

‘‘Sandy has a forward energy, setting goals, looking ahead, she gave me confidence. As we went through the sessions, my brain became like an onion – layers were coming away and I was remembering what my core was. Working with Sandy was like changing the lens on my camera, offering a whole new view.”
... Joetta Raylots, Orlando, FL



Sports and Fitness Certified Nutritionist (NESTA)
Certified Personal Trainer (IFA)
Completed over 50 road races/challenges from 1993-2001, including…
’94,’95 Citrus Bowl ? Marathon
96 Disney Marathon
’97 Marine Corp Marathon
’99 Atlanta Thanksgiving Day ? Marathon
‘2000 New York City Marathon
‘2001 5 day challenge of the Manchu Picchu Mountains of Peru
International Coaching Academy Professional Coaching Certification
BA in advertising/PR, and MIB in marketing
Over 15 years brand presence and marketing strategies for corporations such as; The Coca-Cola Company, The Pepsi Cola, Daimler Chrysler, and Paxson Broadcasting
University of Central Florida Alumni student Mentor
Human Rights Campaign member
Jr. Achievement senior volunteer
NAF member
Central Florida Coachville Chapter president
US Track and Field Olympic (IOC) volunteer
Red Cross CPR/AED Certified


Topic Categories:

As a Speaker, Sandy Pheil's topics best pertain to Business, Health & Fitness, Humor, Lifestyle, Management, Marketing, Performance & Success.

Groups Spoken For:

The Coca-Cola Company
Daimler Chrysler
Don’t Think Twice Music Media, Inc
University of Central Florida Athletics
Ocean Drive Magazine
Fusion 5
GMR Marketing
Florida Police and Fire Athletic Leagues
The Central Florida Connections Group Conference
The Knowledge Shop (Orlando and Atlanta)



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