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NOTE: We have just published this site as of June 5th, 2005 and are currently in the process of registering speakers.  We will have the speakers "plugged in" and listed my our official launch date of August 1st, 2005.  Would you like to receive eMail "sneak previews?  ...Get on our list!

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ORLANDO, 2005 -  Central Florida is one of the top destinations in the world for the Convention and Meeting Industry.  With the opening of the new convention facility on International Drive there are even more sales conferences, business seminars, expos, consumer shows, and other events, coming to the area.  Many of these events will be looking for communication professionals.


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Orlando has hundreds
of experienced and dynamic speakers
with impressive
resumes, compelling topics and motivating messages

"Typically companies spend thousands of additional dollars to fly-in speakers, put them up at hotels and, of course, feed them. This additional expense adds up to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.  Sometimes this expense may be necessary... sometimes it is not," says Sue Copening, founder of The Connections Groups, and now, LocalSpeaker.com

Orlando is the home of hundreds of "Communication Professionals" such as keynote speakers, spokes-models, corporate trainers, humorists ...pretty much any type of speaker, or entertainer, an event might need.

"When organizing a business event about a year ago I received information from hundreds of speakers who were available right from our area.  I was amazed at the impressive resumes and it planted a seed." ...said Copening.

Experienced Trainers
Sales Professionals
and Presenters
Industry Experts
and more!

"In speaking with them, I found out our local speakers often spend a good portion of their time on the road flying to OTHER cities to speak at top events... but the rest of the time... they are ready and available right here at home.  I wondered why these speakers weren't booked more right here, in their own back yard.

I investigated.  I discovered that many speakers have agents and speaker's bureaus that represent them and I realized what was probably happening.   An event coordinator would need a speaker for an event in Orlando... and would contact an agent or bureau they had worked with before.  I suspect the criteria that was discussed had more to do with topics than geography.  This makes sense if you have an unlimited budget... but what if you don't?

Spokes Models
Actors & Actresses

Speaking Professionals
create dynamic presentations

When it came to internet sites that listed speakers, the sites I found had a way to find speakers by topic, and by name, but I only found a couple that you could search based on geographic location. On those sites, when I pulled up individual cities only a couple of speakers would be listed for the entire area.

So... an idea was born.  "Thinking backward" is a favorite phrase of mine.  In this case it meant this... what if I'm an event coordinator on a budget and I need speakers, trainers, or entertainers for a specific CITY?  Now lets face it... if I need a superstar and only an Ex-President will do... I'm in trouble.  But what if I can be flexible a bit?  What if the criteria is just that I find great speakers within certain "themes?"   How many thousands of dollars can I save my company, or my client, if I make my game plan to first focus on people that are local to the event location, saving thousands in travel expenses?

The Orange County
Convention Center, on International Drive, has over a million square feet of exhibition space with 313,140 square feet of meeting rooms

OR, ...what if I have a speaker already booked for an event but, at the last minute, something happens and they cancel?  How can I find a replacement speaker in that city... and FAST?

Hence the concept of www.LocalSpeaker.com was born.  Launching first in Orlando, but with other convention cities to follow, Local Speaker offers the opportunity to browse through the "bios" and resumes of great speakers, communication professionals and entertainers located right here in Orlando, or the surrounding area.  Some of them are "Powerhouses" and have agents or bureaus that you then contact to procure them... some though you can contact directly though LocalSpeaker.com.

Actors & Actresses
Musicians and
Performers of all kinds!

Local Speaker also goes one step further, becoming a "one-stop-shop" for your event.  In addition to speakers, you can also find entertainers here.  Magicians, Singers, Musicians, Actors, Actresses, Celebrity look-a-likes and characters, whatever will make your event, sales meeting, convention booth or conference really stand out!

And if you need other resources for your event, meeting, convention or conference... you can find links on Local Speaker for those too.  Audio Visual, Photographers, Printers, Equipment Rental, Staffing, Decor, Caterers, Lighting... etc.

Regardless of what you are looking for, LocalSpeaker.com gives you a logical first step.  If you find what you need here, you save money and time.  Worth a shot, don't you think?

DISCLAIMER: Local Speaker is not an agent, nor a speaker's bureau. We are a simple listing system & resource. Our speakers may have their own agents or managers.  If so, their contact information is included here if it was provided.  Local Speaker, and those listed here, make no warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of any  information provided.  Errors, outdated info and typos are possible.  It's always good business to personally re-verify all information before contracting with, and confirming, your chosen speaker.

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