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John is an ex-airline pilot, former musician, former IT engineer and currently owner of a successful marketing/consulting firm.

He is licensed as a Worker's Compensation insurance agent, Airline Transport Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor.

As a Speaker, John has a number of valuable and relevant topics to deliver to your group.

Additionally, John's experience in stand up comedy, and as an actor, not only enhances his business topics, but also makes him a valuable resource as an Emcee, or as a Sale Presenter.

John Tenney launched his comedy standup career in the late '80s at Bonkerz comedy club in west Orlando.

“It was very stressful in those days,” remarks John, “since if you "nailing" that particular audience, you were yanked. I’m so glad I switched to the more positive church and seminar circuit. Now it’s not only possible to be funny, but also to deliver a positive message as well.”

John’s hysterical routine which features a play on words with a message, called “This & That,” has entertained church and seminar audiences in central Florida since 2001.

John found out that he had “a knack” for interviewing when he was in the volatile airline industry and, in informal surveys of fellow crewmembers in the waiting rooms of airports throughout the country, he discovered that his ratio of job offers to interviews was impressively higher than the norm.  Most crewmembers had a one in four ratio of job offers to interviews, while John was 8 for 14. What he thought was common knowledge, was not common at all.

This was the prime motive for starting his airline interview prep business, which he has now carried in to the business world, helping interviewees, business people, sales people and industry executives learn the secrets to “getting the deal.” For example, do you "google" the people you will interview with? Wouldn't it be nice to be prepared so you can interject a little humor into the process?  If you know that the person you are interviewing has the same name as a famous pro wrestler, can you imagine the scene: "So Mr. Hogan, are you related to "The Hulk?" If I mess up this interview will you send him to hurt me?" Or, perhaps you simply "bone up" on where the company has been, and is going, so that you can dazzle the interviewer with your knowledge of, and obvious enthusiasm for, the company.

If you need a seasoned pro to present your product or service at a trade show, or to an audience... John's experience as an actor is sure to give you an edge.

John has been involved in numerous dramas and comedies. Notably, he had roles in “A Fiddler on the Roof” with the Calvary Assembly Studio Theatre in 2001, “A Bridge of Blood” with the Studio Theatre Missionary Team (they toured Northern Ireland and Ireland in 1998, and several smaller teams and venues throughout central Florida. He hosted his most recent comedy variety show, “It’s Saturday Night!” with the East Orlando Baptist Church in 2004.

John likes to illustrate his points in his business seminars with comical situations, many of which actually have happened to him in his business career. For example, in “You’re Hired!”, a talk aimed at Getting the Deal, Job or Situation, John shares stories of sleeping on a couch in someone’s office the night before the interview (lesson: Book a hotel room early and confirm it with a credit card!)

Other lessons include Being in the Right Place, Right Time, but talking to the Wrong Person (Qualify your leads!), When the Horse is Dead, Dismount (do not chase after people to follow up if they are avoiding you) and Whatever You are Going Through, then Go Through It (How to keep personal problems from interfering with your professional life.)

Whatever your need is... John's skills, and experience, as a communication professional is sure to "fit the bill."

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Most Popular Topic Titles:

"Briefcases are Scary"
... Presenting yourself in a business environment. Good for deal makers, salespeople, or anyone interviewing for a job.

"Chasing the Dream"
... The inside story of the excitement, achievements and disappointments of pursuing a career as an airline pilot

"Dufus, Dork or Jerk - the REAL Love Languages"
... A humorous look at communication between couples.
NOTE:  Mr. Tenney dated his wife for two years before marriage. She broke it off 12 times, but the 13th was for keeps!

"NASCAR and Sports Marketing"
...Have you ever wondered how to get National exposure at a local price? Consider this, for roughly the same price as a months worth of prime time ads on a local AM radio station, you could be on the hood of a NASCAR Nextel Cup racecar. National exposure! And what a fan base! No one is more brand-loyal than NASCAR fans; they have proven that again and again.

Kudos / Quotes:

"You never know what he is going to say!"
. . . Sean H.

"10 ouf of 10... John got all positive reviews from our Connections Groups speakers forum"
. . . Sue Copening



National Assoc of Professional Employer Orgs (NAPEO)
Florida Associations of PEOs (FAPEO)
National Association for Alternative Staffing (NAAS)
Florida Assoc of Independent Insurance Agents (FAIA)
The Connections Groups,
Flight Safety International Academy

FREE Speaker:
"This speaker is occasionally available to speak free.  Terms, topics spoken on, and conditions under which they will offer a "free talk," will be limited.  Please contact them for details."

Book Titles:

"Briefcases are Scary"
- in publishing right now

Topic Categories:

As a Speaker, John Tenney's topics best pertain to Business, Ethics or Values, Financial, Humor, Management, Marketing, Performance & Success, and Sports.

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Connections Groups
Orange County Schools



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