John Loblack, M.S.
Goalmind Coaching

Keynote Speaker
Industry Expert
Corporate Trainer

3 Years with average
4-12 seminars per year


Central Florida
Orlando & Tampa Bay:

$500 - $1000

Out of Area
Out of State:

+ actual expenses






John Loblack, with a master's degree in human resource management, is a dynamic speaker who uses his diverse (Caribbean) background to connect with all audiences.

As a certified hospitality educator, and a Florida Supreme Court County Mediator, Johns focus is often on the education and hospitality industries, though his experience and "message" transcends industries.

With a very interactive approach, John makes members of the audience feel very much a part of his presentation and his unique style allows him to connect fairly easily with all audiences. As a poet, he uses his poems as a bridge to connect the heart and the mind. He has "wowed" audiences in Boston, Connecticut, Orlando, and Texas.

As a speaker, Johns focus is on self-development, diversity, leadership, customer service, and goal setting and John connects with his audience through real life stories. which he uses help bring to life the lessons he teaches his audiences.

Loblack, who sees himself more as a trainer, than a speaker, attempts to share with his audiences new ways of tackling old challenges. Consequently, he has developed two new programs...

"RARE Communication," &
"REAP Your Way to All Your Goals."

Those programs, taught in a workshop format, are geared toward individual development. They provide members of the audience with the tools and skills that they need to connect with people from across all cultures.



Most Popular Topic Titles:

"8 Steps to Becoming a Super Achiever"

"60 minutes to more Confident Public Speaking"

"REAP Your Way to All Your Goals"

"Overcoming Obstacles, Why Complain?"

"It's in your hands."



"Mental Entree"
... due out fall of 2005



African American Chamber of Commerce of C.FL
Society of Human Resource Management
Night Talkers Toastmasters Club,
Toastmasters International
American Society of Training & Dev of C.FL
Florida Academy of Professional Mediators
Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce.

Topic Categories:

Topics can best be described as pertaining to... Diversity, Motivation, Performance & Success

Groups Spoken For:

Boys and Girls Club of Orlando
Primerica of Boston
Darden Corporation
Ledyard Middle School, Connecticut
Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School, Connecticut
Barwise Junior High School, TX,
Waterbridge Elementary School.



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