Joan Wahl

Entertainer - Puppeter
Interactive Art Instruction
Spouse / family Programs
Team Building

24 Years with an
average of 4-12
special events, workshops &
shows per year


Central Florida
Orlando & Tampa Bay:

$100 - per hour
(supplies included)

Out of Area
Out of State:

Same fees +
actual travel expenses




Joan Wahl can provide your group with some great programs... for spouses and families... or just put on a great show as family appropriate entertainment for your event.

Puppeteer ... Need entertainment for a luncheon, dinner or seminar, program?  Joan can develop your sales message using a fun, interactive puppet show... or simply do one of her signature shows for your group's entertainment.

Art Programs / Classes...  Art classes are a great program for spouses and kids alike.  Also... as a team building exercise Joan can work with you to incorporate your message, vision or mission statement into an interactive art class that will both entertain and educate.

Art Background: Joan Wahl has an extensive background in teaching painting at area arts and crafts stores, senior centers, retirement homes and group classes. She has exhibited her paintings at offices, the Maitland Art Center, galleries and art shows. Joan was Executive Editor of the nationally known art magazine, Sunshine Artist, from 1972-1992. At age twelve Joan became enthralled with all the arts: visual and performing, which came about, in part, since her parents were owners of a summer camp in upstate New York and brought in professional artists to teach painting, dance, act and
play instruments.

"What a wonderful exciting education this was: painting theater murals and then rehearsing a variety show!"  ...says Joan.

Puppet / Theatre Background: Joan Wahl has been performing and writing for puppet theatre for over 20 years for venues such as  major malls, theaters and even a TV series called "Puppets For Safety."

She has conducted workshops for hundreds of adults and teens, church groups, school teachers and anyone interested in the art of Puppetry. As a school teacher she used puppetry in the classroom to motivate students. She studied music and dancing and shared those talents with her classes.  Says Joan...

"Having an Interactive Workshop, gives me the opportunity to share everything I've learned over the years. Puppetry is an art form as well as an educational tool. I love to share this rewarding experience."

Most Popular Programs:

"Puppetry In Education"
...a three hour workshop which covers motivating
learning, enhancing self-worth, language skills, social interaction and much more. Participants will create a hand puppet, write scripts, act, learn about music/sound effects and more.  This can be tailored to kids... or to adults as a team building program or simple entertainment.

Inter-active Painting Workshops
...LEARN TO PAINT. This hands on class is  exciting, innovative and relaxing. Just like the puppetry workshops, Joan can tailor these for a corporate message or just do them as a fun team-building or entertainment program. Your people will take home a painting in all three media. All supplies will be included.



Studied oil painting with Bob Ross teachers.
A certified Bob Ross teacher.
Certified Terry Madden teacher in watercolor.
Past President- Central Fla. Puppet Guild
Pres. Writers & Playwrights Group-1980's
Puppeteers Of America-1970-1990 member

Joan has written over 50 plays for theatre and puppetry.



"No art can move me like yours. No other artist has the same depth of emotion and appreciation for color that I find in your work."

"Studying the modern art of Joan Wahl can be an intriguing experience. Her work is creative, modern and subjective."

On Joan's Puppet shows and workshops...

"It was so magical, I forgot my everyday life".

"I can't wait to put to use all That I've learned today"

Program Categories:

Joan's programs can be customized for your group.  Launching a new product and want a fun interactive team building program to teach it's features and benefits?  A custom puppet class and program would be perfect. 

Need a spouse/family program that is appropriate for both kids AND adults?  One of Joan's art classes will provide both entertainment AND meaningful memories that can be taken home and hung on the wall!


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