Jeff Bosworth
Sales Growth Group

Industry Expert
Corporate Trainer
Sales Presenter

10 Years
with average
20-30 seminars
per year


Central Florida
Orlando & Tampa Bay:

$225  hour
$1500  day

Out of Area
Out of State:

$275  hour
$2000  day
 + actual expenses

Sales Growth Group

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Companies that want results... call Jeff!

Jeffrey P. Bosworth is an experienced Speaker, Trainer & Motivator in the Sales, Marketing, Advertising and Operations Management arena.

As founder and president of Sales Growth Group, a state-of-the-art, interactive advertising agency specializing in producing bottom-line results, Jeff works with both national and international clients.

Over the last 10+ years, Jeff has focused on helping companies and organizations who are interested in increasing productivity and profitability.

Jeff's trademarked "Woodshed" and "Karma Selling" seminars are very quickly becoming essential to businesses who want their entire team to be involved in the sales process.

Signature Woodshed ™ Seminars have proven to be the most cost-effective, motivational marketing tools a growing company could ever possibly invest in to. Your entire staff will become incredibly motivated to carry out your sales, marketing and operational objectives by learning:

• How all your departments (teams), both offensive and defensive, can work together in a mutually-beneficial atmosphere and how each team affects the bottom-line and your revenue stream!

• How to market effectively and proactively communicate with prospective/existing customers about “what’s in it for them ?” increasing recurring revenue and referrals.

• The Full-Circle Effect and how to set objective task listings that motivate and inspire and help your staff complete projects on or before the time they are due.

• The importance of a company-wide mantra for increasing sales and how to implement an incredible sales and marketing plan that will have your competition scratching their heads!

• How much FUN it can be to go to work when you have a team of people all pulling in the same direction with the same goals to achieve!

You can invest tens of thousands of dollars on sales, marketing and operational programs that will only produce a small percentage of your investment. Or, you can get your team into a WOODSHED ™ and produce long-term, cost-effective, bottom-line results!


Most Popular Topic Titles:

Karma Selling
Effective Sales Management
™ Series


"Jeff Bosworth has unique, cut-through-the-chase style, and can really help motivate your team to increase their numbers (revenue)."
...Don Law, Law and Associates.

"Some people know how to market using today's technology, such as web sites, but they can't close a sale and dealing with customers face to face scares them silly.  Some folks can sell face-to-face, but they are clueless how to design a web site or eMarketing program that gets results.  Jeff is an expert at both.  Better yet, Jeff can TEACH you, and your team, how to do it.  His no nonsense style shows you how to get your customers to take action... and how to measure your results.  Bottom line, if you want to make money... hire him!"
... Sue Copening, Exec Director, The Connections Groups





Book Titles:

Karma Selling (publish date 3/06)



Topic Categories:

Jeff Bosworth's topics can best be described as pertaining to... Business, Sales, Management & Marketing


Groups Spoken For:

Anheuser Busch
Law and Associates
Orlando Convention Bureau
Orlando Chamber of Commerce



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