Grady Bishop
Extreme Stunt & Driving Team

Keynote Speaker
Industry Expert
Stunt Coordinator
Stuntman, Actor

20 Years


Orlando &
Central Florida:

$1500 - 3 hours

Out of Area
Out of State:

$3000 +
actual expenses



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As a top industry professional with twenty seven years as a stunt performer and, later, 2nd Unit Director/Stunt Coordinator, Grady Bishop is often called upon to speak to various groups... both in, and out, of the movie and TV industry.

As a Speaker, Grady brings his enthusiasm and experience to the stage, your group and your meeting.

Whether in the movie world, or the business world, education is key... and Grady helps educate your "crew" as to what to look for, because just like in the movie world... in business, escape routes, and safety concerns.... are vitally important!

If you are interested in a stunt show for your group... making any stunt / action sequence or mechanical gag happen is only limited by your imagination and/or budget.

With stunt production, Grady brings much to the table... not just experience and talent.... Grady also owns his own stunt and safety equipment.

Grady's philosophy is to fill your idea of how the stunt should look, as it is a team effort and the director is telling the story.

As a Stunt Coordinator, Grady believes that a low key, safety first, helpful attitude is important for a powerful driving stunt or action sequence.  As a Speaker... the "volume" comes up and the "attitude" becomes more that of a "drive for success."

Grady lives in Central Florida... but Orlando, Miami, North Carolina, Dallas, Houston, Austin and Los Angeles are all part of his regular working territory... as Grady goes where the work is. 

You will not find anyone with more passion and enthusiasm than Grady Bishop... treat your group to the thrill of a little "movie magic!"



Most Popular Topic Titles:

Team Motivation - creating goals, mission statements and following them.

Action! - Self Motivate - Market Yourself - Sell Yourself - Close the Deal - Wrap!

Community Spirit: Part of Your Industry, Part of Your Success.

Marketing: Creating a "One Stop Shop" 

Referrals: How to Insure that Every Deal Brings Two More.

Other topics include... Set Safety, Driving Related, Life Experiences, Dangers on the set or job site, Power of Positive Thinking, Choice of a Role Model and more.




Directors Guild of America
Screen Actors Guild
American Federation of Television & Radio Artist
Stuntplayers Directory
Extreme Stunt & Driving Team Inc.
SCCA Racing Association
National League of SAG Stunt Players

Kudos / Quotes
About Grady's
Stunt Work:

"Grady brings a great attitude always to the job. Also an extensive equipment list and team along with him to each project. I find that when it comes to driving related action he's one of the best there is."
 - Bill Hill DGA Producer.

"Grady and his crew were professional, safe, provided the needed effects, and demonstrated excellent driving skills. I look forward to working with Grady in the future."
 - Lance Holland NC West Film Commissioner.

"Grady has always delivered top performances with an incredible attitude and an uncanny ability to go the extra mile with each job. Whether it is on a conference call in prep, a tech scout or on the day of photography, Grady is prepared and enthusiastic about the work and the process to achieve it."
 - Marten Piccinini DGA Director / Producer


Book Titles:

Industry publications: Numerous safety operations manuals for stage & screen. Numerous training manuals.



Topic Categories:

From his own material, Grady's topics would best be categorized as pertaining to...  Motivational & Performance, Marketing and Fitness.  He can bring related footage for some topics. 

Want an exciting opener? Grady can use Motion Picture Stuntwork and/or Stunt Driving (such as driving on 2 wheels or enter in a race car) for an exciting entrance before speaking or incorporate stuntwork such as slapstick comedy.


Featured Guests On:

Good Morning America
Racing Radio
CBS Channel 6
NBC Channel 2
"Under The Hood" HDNET TV
"Hollywood Stunts" TV Special

Groups Spoken For:

Good Lions Club
University of Central Florida
Valencia University
Full Sail Film School
University of Texas at Corpus Christi
Florida Motion Picture & Television Association
Make A Wish Foundation
Marco Island Film Festival
Various "Ride and Drives" for Chevy, Ford, Pontiac, Bentrly, Lotus, Ferrari and more.



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