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Caroline York is the President of owner of Caroline York World of Art, Inc. and an expert in the area of art and the collecting of art.

Additionally, she was a co-founder of the Sexual Assault Center of Lancaster County in Lancaster, PA in 1986. Certified as a sexual assault counselor in PA, She worked with victims of sexual assault and moved on to speaking on their behalf.

Her talks address the severe emotional trauma of ALL victims of violent crime, including child abuse and spousal abuse but focus on Rape Trauma Syndrome and Traumatic Stress Disorder.

She has spoken to high school and college students about date rape. She finds that by explaining to young adults the consequence of date rape both legal and psychological can prevent future emotional dysfunction.

Ms. York will speak to selective audiences “From a Victim’s Perspective.” Victimized herself in 1980 and having experienced 9 reconstructive surgeries over 18 years, she will share her personal story and how it affected not only her life, but those of the ones she loved the most.

Ms. York’s humor and perspective offers a positive presentation on a negative topic and shares her belief that it isn’t what happens to you—it is what you make happen - that will redirect your life after trauma.

In addition to speaking about coping with trauma... Ms York is also available to speak about her profession... collecting art and the advantages of investing in art for the workplace.


Most Popular Topic Titles:

"Coping with Trauma"
... How to identify, understand, and help a loved one, friend or workmate that is dealing with rape trauma syndrome and/ or traumatic stress disorder.

"Art in the Workplace and The Art of Collecting"

FREE Speaker:
"This speaker is occasionally available to speak free.  Terms, topics spoken on, and conditions under which they will offer a "free talk," will be limited.  Please contact them for details."



E-Women Network
ASAP Homeless Svcs

Topic Categories:

Caroline is an industry expert in the area of art and will also put her experience to work as a sales presenter for your products and services.

From her own material her topics can best be described as pertaining to... Women's issues, health and art.

Groups Spoken For:

Rotary Clubs
Lions Clubs
City of Lancaster Police Dept
BPW Mid-day
McCaskey High School
Marietta College of the Arts
Girl Scout Gold Award Ceremony



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