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Nicolas J.– From an early age, Nicolas knew that his calling was to be involved in the theater. Born in 1972 in Soviet Georgia, young Nicolas demonstrated a passion for acting, dancing and stepping into the spotlight whenever possible.

At just 16 years of age he walked away from his country and family to follow his dream of studying with his hero, Marcel Marceau.

With no money and only his talent to survive on he performed on the streets to earn enough money for the audition and entrance exams. His dream came true, after an audition in front of the greatest mime in the world, he was not only accepted, but was given a 100% scholarship. He went on to become known as the prized student of Marcel Marceau.

Nicolas then went on to complete his dream and entered into ESRA, the largest private film school in France. Nicolas was one of the youngest graduates at ESRA, but also at the top of his class.

After being noticed by a talent scout from Disney he was offered an international contract and began to travel the world, creating new shows and training new actors.

In 1998 he founded his own company,
World Gate Entertainment
, featuring his acts including: The Amazing Statues, Drums of the Congo, Bubble Nicolas and the Marionette.

As Bubble Nicholas, this world class performer emerges onto the stage in a transparent bubble and takes the audience into his world of magic and imagination. Bubble Nicolas is an avante garde mime creation that combines performance art, interactive theatre, and classic mime in new and amazing ways each time it is performed. Nicolas has used this character to charm and entertain audiences of mere dozens to stadiums and halls in the thousands. Each time “the man in the giant plastic bubble” has delighted his fans and continues to do so to this day.

The Marionette was such a huge success with audiences of all ages and all cultures that Nicolas decided to put it on film so he could share it with rest of the world. He then met his future partner Bill Rodd and together they made that dream a reality.

With enormous success in captivating audiences globally through their world-class shows for over fifteen years, World Gate Entertainment is Known for providing quality, entertaining movies and shows for audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

The prestigious and unique “Living Statues,” provide an elegance and grace as stone figures actually come alive when you draw near and you become the subject of their interest.

This unforgettable, all interactive show can be adapted to any place or any event, and is the most cost effective way to entertain your guests and offers you a choice of the Ice statue, the Golden Angel, the Medieval King, the Roman Soldier, the Inca, the French boy, the Chinese Emperor, the Sultan, the Wedding statue and celebrities like Queen Elizabeth and Elvis. Either placed at an entrance door or in the center of your event these statues are sure to attract and "wow" your guests.

The gigantic "Little Rollo" will invite your guests to come and be jolly ...all of WorldGates shows can be presented during your event together or individually.

Continuing to grow steadily through the years WorldGate has accumulated a clientele list including Disney, Universal Studios, Paramount, Microsoft and Motorola... Don’t be the only one left out; let WorldGate's unforgettable acts warm your your hearts today.


Kudos / Quotes:

"Creative. Captivating. Filled with energy and emotion."
...Ken Eulo - Focus In magazine
about Nicholas J.

""What's important is that there's knowledge of, and respect for, what children like. These are good characters and stories," she says. "That's what they really respond to."
...Marjorie Cohn, Sr. VP Production, Nickelodeon.
about "The Marionette"

Groups Performed For:

Nicholas J and his performers have entertained thousands worldwide ...Europe, Asia Minor, Singapore, Hong Kong, the US and for such companies as...
Walt Disney World
Universal Studios



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