Bob Brumm

Keynote Speaker
Corporate Trainer
Sales Presenter

2 Years
with average 12-24
seminars per year


Central Florida
Orlando & Tampa Bay:

$500 - 3 hrs
$1,000 - full day

Out of Area
Out of State:

Same Fees
 + actual travel expenses

The Positive Perspective


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Are you are looking for a dynamic, enthusiastic Speaker and Trainer?  Someone who "gets" the big picture?  Who understands the intricate relationships that exist between all the different facets of your business AND how their relationships to each other have a direct impact on your success?

Whether you are looking for an event speaker... or for someone to come into your company and infuse your team with a new enthusiasm and the skills to go with it... book Bob Brumm today.

CORE VALUES: As a man of God, a husband and a father of three boys, Bob knows what it takes to keep up at warp speed with the trials and tribulations of today's society. Today's society tends to keep people busier than ever. Experiencing this first hand, he brings a positive, energetic perspective of life to enlighten others.

TECHNOLOGY ADVANTAGES: Professionally, Bob knows the stress of building telecommunication and computer networks, the integration of new technology and the effects that mismanaged implementations can have on your bottom line.

He has seen, and worked with, the technological advancements that aid businesses.  When featured in Computer World magazine, Bob described how new technology can be integrated into your business to increase efficiency, lower costs and assist users. With these skills, he can show your team the paradigms of new technology that will do what it is supposed to do... increase efficiency and productivity, save time and increase profits!

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Customer Service issues can make, or break, your bottom line.  Bob can bring real Customer Service back to modern businesses by helping your team see Customer Service from an external viewpoint and relating it back to core business needs... illustrating the effect on profit.

COMMUNICATION:  Bob can show, and demonstrate, the value that speaking and presentation skills brings to leadership teams.  Core vales, corporate culture, goal setting and conflict resolution are all enhanced through more effective, and more dynamic, communication.

MONEY: As a father, husband, business major and former president of ACE (Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs), Bob understands the value of a dollar and seeing money work harder than you do. He enjoys sharing money saving strategies, the effects of long term savings plan to individuals and corporations and would love to share his knowledge with you!

PERSONAL: Bob has experienced tragedies that brought him closer to God and strengthened his knowledge of the positive side of life through faith. He exposes others to the greatness in life by drawing on the power already within each of us. He can open the flood gates to the positive perspective of life and enrich audiences with his positive, energetic outlook.

Call Bob today to get him on your calendar!


Most Popular Topic Titles:

SAVE MONEY!  ...How to Save What You Earn & Earn on What You Save.
Finding over $400 a month in savings by knowing what you are doing with the money you already earn.

PDP ...A formula for success.
This presentation will show the audience how the factors of... Persistence, Determination & Perseverance can help us to achieve our greatest goals.

Customer Service
Customer Service is your FRONT LINE; where the battle for client dollars is won or lost.  It is your most important connection to your customer.
This enthusiastic presentation will look at your customer's point of view.  We'll help your team see customer service from the vantage point of the customer and formulate specific techniques for improvement that will guarantee a stronger, more consistent, bottom line.


"Without exception, the comments I received were overwhelming positive. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your talk and had a great experience overall. Your message was right on target and definitely hit the mark."
...David Himes, Training Manager, Rehabilicare

"The eloquent speech you gave to our club taught something new about saving and managing money that the members can use in their daily lives, as well as pass on to their clients. As professionals, we respect the research, enthusiasm and exceptional delivery of the speech."
...Team Network of Northdale

"Great job, the presentation could benefit anyone wanting to save on expenses"
...Joseph Castellana - Hillsborough Community College

FREE Speaker:
"This speaker is occasionally available to speak free.  Terms, topics spoken on, and conditions under which they will offer a "free talk," will be limited.  Please contact them for details."


Toastmasters International
Advanced Toastmaster;
...Silver and Competent Leader designations


Topic Categories:

Bob Brumm's topics can best be described as pertaining to... Financial Success, Business, Sales, Customer Service, Management, Technology & Communication.


Groups Spoken For:

Toastmasters International
Tampa Electric
Price Waterhouse Coopers
Hillsborough Community College
Team Network - Northdale, Florida



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